The Caribbean is expecting a tropical storm and it has already devastated the island calle..
The Hungarian police stated that they have placed four people under arrest after they disc..
The Austrian authorities say they have found a lorry on the eastern border with Hungary wi..
A man who shot dead two TV journalists during a live interview in the US state of Virginia..
There are plenty of actors and actresses all over the world that have their own preference..
Oscar winning actress and the star of money spinning films such as The Hunger Games, Jenni..
The star of films like Tamara Drewe and Prince of Persia, English actress Gemma Arterton a..
Bollywood actor-politician Chiranjeevi's 60th birthday bash was astar-studded event indeed..
An early study is suggesting that the brain cells in those who are diagnosed with Parkinso..
A recent review says listening to music before, during and after surgery can help reduce p..
The US government is launching a $5 million initiative to tackle the use and trafficking o..
A US health study shows that if you want to lose weight you need to cut fat from your diet..
There are plenty of markets in all of the cities and some of them shouldn't be missed, inc..
Everyone wants to experience romance and there are plenty of great restaurants in Venice, ..
One of the best things to enjoy in the most beautiful cities and towns all over the world ..
The world is full of temples, but what about fascinating and exotic ones? Here are top 5 t..
The CEO and the founder of the website, Ashley Madison has stepped down from his position...
Facebook has recorded more than 1 billion people logging into their site in a single day, ..
Facebook and Twitter have been called upon by the MPs to take some action after numerous u..
Google has recently rejected the objections that the EU has raised regarding the display o..
Teresa Gorman, who was one of the leading Conservative rebels in the 1990s regarding the M..
Hillary Clinton is being struck back by the presidential candidates from the Republican pa..
The total migration level of those coming into the UK is at the highest level and some 330..
Numerous people are accusing Prime Minister David Cameron of "cronyism" after he has hande..
Rory McIlroy will be taking back his number one ranking from Jordan Spieth after he had mi..
Serena Williams is going to try to win the US Open, which will give see her win her first ..
Jordan Spieth has managed to take over the top position in professional golf from Rory McI..
The 200m race at the World Championships was to have been a rematch and a chance for Justi..
The official figures for Brazil's economy have just been released and it shows that there ..
The creditors along with the Ukranian government have come to a deal regarding restructuri..
After a chaotic week for the stock markets the shares in the Chinese areas have dropped by..
The economy in the US has grown much more than had been thought between the period of Apri..
London is a happening place, the sights and sounds, its history and culture, and not to fo..
United Kingdom never fails to impress, especially when one looks for decent living at affo..
As talked about in my previous blog, meditation is something each one of us should try at ..
My friends would often talk about meditation had changed them but I always argued that it ..
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