New York police, who are investigating the death of a five year old boy, Kenneth White, un..
A pivotal figure in the Profumo sex scandal or the Profumo affair, Mandy Rice-Davies, died..
Australian police say they found eight children dead inside a house in Cairns in northern ..
Kurdish forces in northern Iraq claimed their biggest victory so far against the Islamic S..
The ongoing rumours of actress Jessica Biel and her actor-singer husband, Justin Timberlak..
Emma Stone, of Birdman and The Help fame, recently had an oops moment when she stepped out..
The recently released trailer of upcoming movie Roy appears to already be popular and much..
This particular pair of insanely famous Bollywood actresses have done it all- they have be..
Research suggests that practising yoga on a regular basis can help protect against heart d..
Leading health experts have warned that many mothers and newborns lose their lives due to ..
Dear Child-of-mine, It's Christmas and here is your gift, a brand new phone! However, bef..
It has become mandatory by law for restaurants and takeaways in Europe to inform customers..
One of the best activities to do during Christmas is driving around and looking at all of ..
Every year there are brand new hotels that are opened up and the best ones make us want to..
This has been a really good year for London in regards of restaurants, especially for thos..
The best part about going to visit new cities and countries is the chance to try some of t..
NASA had shipped a 3D printer to the ISS and now they are using it to print the many items..
Some activists from the Human Rights Foundation are starting to plan a DVD drop in North K..
Blackberry has decided to take their designs back to their roots and have designed another..
  Apple has inadvertently announced that Europe is getting the Apple Pay soon by pos..
The former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, who stepped down as First Minister after..
Conservative MP George Osborne is to announce about a billion pounds of investment for the..
About 400,000 NHS staff, including midwives, nurses and ambulance staff staged a four-hour..
The half brother of the senior Tory MP, John Whittingdale, the 67 years old Charles Napier..
Nigel Pearson, the manager for the Leicester team is not being the best of leaders for his..
After 14 seasons as a professional footballer, Eric Abidal has announced his retirement. A..
Some of the findings that were reported by Michael Garcia regarding the corruption surroun..
Alastair Cook had earlier stated that he was unsure if he would remain the captain of the ..
  Home Repair, Maintenance and Refurbishment Services Established in 2005, JK Prope..
US job estimates exceeded estimates last month with about 321,000 new positions, but the j..
A damning report has claimed that most of the studies that indicate the negative impact pl..
The share prices of Thomas Cook took a plunge with the news of the company’s CEO Har..
London is a happening place, the sights and sounds, its history and culture, and not to fo..
United Kingdom never fails to impress, especially when one looks for decent living at affo..
As talked about in my previous blog, meditation is something each one of us should try at ..
My friends would often talk about meditation had changed them but I always argued that it ..

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