The wrecked Italian ship Costa Concordia is being towed away on its last journey to the sh..
The top human rights chief of the United Nations has condemned the actions of Israeli mili..
The first planes carrying the bodies of those who died in the Malaysia Airlines crash in U..
About 9000 women, who were filmed in secret during routine examinations, by their gynaecol..
Soha Ali Khan brings news which just confirms that Paris truly is the city of love. The ac..
Actress Frieda Pinto is all set to deliver a talk on the rights and issues of girls and wo..
‘Glee’ star, Lea Michele, and her current squeeze, Matthew Paetz, had their ow..
It is no breaking news that George Clooney is off the market. But the ladies out there, mi..
A city in North West China has been partially sealed off and dozens of people have been pl..
Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain will make it compulsory for teachers and health ..
Have you ever secretly wanted to own a sex toy but was not if it was a viable option or no..
UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon has said he will try to raise $2.2 billion in aid to comb..
Here are all the secrets and legends that you always wanted to know about the most famous ..
  Even if you just have 2 days to spend in Chicago, here are the things you need to ..
When visiting a new city for the first time, it's always hard to know what exactly you sho..
If you love shopping, then here is the list you are going to die for. This is all about th..
The first beta version of Yosemite OS X will be available for public download on Thursday...
Ultra Records is suing Michelle Phan, YouTube entrepreneur, for copyright violations. They..
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, says that they are planning to combine certain parts of t..
Ofcom, which is the industries watchdog, found that less than 1 of every 7 people were opt..
Labour leader, Mr. Ed Miliband, and the American President, Mr. Barack Obama, met in the W..
The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Nick Clegg, has tried to defend his appearance on a cookery..
The new Education Secretary, Mrs. Nicky Morgan, has warned that parents who try to save mo..
After facing a very public embarrassment over the disclosure of his midnight trysts with F..
  After 5 horses, which included the Estimate, owned by the Queen, had tests that po..
The 2014 Commonwealth games were declared open today by the Queen, at Celtic Park, in fron..
Due to the crisis and fighting the Shakhtar Donetsk have moved their football team 600 mil..
Real Madrid has singed James Rodriguez from Monaco. Rodriguez was the highest scoring play..
After 3 years of the worst management ever, Tesco has finally gotten an 'agreement' from t..
The authorities in China have suspended Husi, the company that supplies the meat products ..
  Huawei, based in China, has reported that the sales for the last 6 months have inc..
Apple is amongst the group of businesses who are currently adding people to their board, r..
London is a happening place, the sights and sounds, its history and culture, and not to fo..
United Kingdom never fails to impress, especially when one looks for decent living at affo..
As talked about in my previous blog, meditation is something each one of us should try at ..
My friends would often talk about meditation had changed them but I always argued that it ..

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