More than 1,300 pounds of Roman bronze coins which date back to the 3rd Century AD have be..
A police official confirmed that a helicopter carrying workers from an oil platform to the..
Three people connected to one of the San Bernardino attackers have been arrested in connec..
An airstrike on a children’s hospital in Syria has left 50 people dead as per report..
Hollywood actress Megan Fox, who is currently pregnant with her third child, is reportedly..
Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently self-deprecatingly admitted that he is quite a bo..
Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri of the Rockstar fame recently came clean about her connect..
Bollywood film director Kabir Khan, who was met with unpleasant vibes at Karachi airport t..
A men’s health charity in the UK has said that most British men are dangerously unaw..
A study has warned that obesity has become a major issue in young rural China with figures..
Doctors fear that most people in Japan suffering from eating disorders are not receiving a..
The suicide rate in the US has risen to its highest level in almost three decades accordin..
These days Cuba is the hottest and most popular place to visit on vacation, but where can ..
Tapas are one of the favorite food items in Spain, which means there are plenty of great o..
One of the best historical sites to visit are the castles and every country has some, incl..
There are plenty of great breakfast and brunch joints that you can enjoy, no matter where ..
Microsoft is now forcing users to use their Bing search engine while using their digital a..
The Supreme Court in the US has approved a change to the rules that could possibly allow l..
A man has been in prison for some 7 months due to the fact that he had failed to decrypt h..
A judge in the US has ruled that Amazon had illegally charged the parents for in-app purch..
Over 100 business figures have decided to throw their weight behind the exit campaign and ..
Hundreds of protesters had broken through the barricades and started to throw eggs at the ..
John Mills, who is a Labour party donor has quit the Vote Leave campaign, which is a cross..
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammon stated that he wants to "forge new links across the A..
Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he feels nearly "helpless at some points" due to all..
Arsene Wenger, who is the boss of Arsenal, is claiming that his commitment to remaining wi..
Jared Goff had been chosen as the first pick during the NFL Draft by the newly created Los..
Michel Platini, who is the UEFA president, has started his appeal with the Court of Arbitr..
ExxonMobil has reported that they faced a 63% decrease in their profits during the 1st qua..
The economy of the eurozone is growing faster than was expected with an increase of 0.6% i..
Carl Icahn, who is a billionaire activist investor has recently sold off all of his Apple ..
Reckitt Benckiser, which is the company that manufacturers Nurofen, has been given a fine ..
London is a happening place, the sights and sounds, its history and culture, and not to fo..
United Kingdom never fails to impress, especially when one looks for decent living at affo..
As talked about in my previous blog, meditation is something each one of us should try at ..
My friends would often talk about meditation had changed them but I always argued that it ..
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